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Your fatty liver needs this fatty acid

There was a time when your liver was the least of your worries.

Unless you were the town drunk, had freakish bad luck or just lousy genes, it was the one part of the body you could count on to NEVER let you down.

These days, livers are practically turning into an endangered species.

We’re killing the darned things – and booze, luck, and genes have NOTHING to do with it!

It’s the junky modern diet, which is so toxic that some 60 million Americans are now living with the damage of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

But if your own liver is porking up on you, new research spots an easy way to help bring it back down to size — and the secret is in a healthy fat you know you need anyway.

DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oil, slashes some of the most common markers of poor liver function – starting with the dangerous triglycerides your doc is always testing for.

It’s not just a marker of heart risk.

That junk can get jammed in the liver, causing it to plump up with fat.

But just as fish oil cuts triglycerides in the blood, the new study finds it can also cut the levels of triglycerides and other damaging compounds deep in your liver.

That, in turn, causes it to stop sucking up so much darned fat.

This isn’t just a matter of keeping your liver happy.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can turn into something far worse. It can lead to an inflamed organ that can’t function right… trigger deadly cirrhosis… or even launch a life-or-death battle with liver cancer.

But the biggest problem isn’t what fatty liver will turn into later.

It’s what’s happening right NOW — because most of the people who have it don’t even know it!

Docs don’t routinely test for it, even in folks obviously at risk. By the time that hack gets around to checking it out, your poor liver’s already down for the count – and it could be hard work trying to get it back up off the mat.

If your own doc hasn’t tested but you’ve lived on the typical modern diet for much of your life, assume you have at least SOME liver damage, especially if you have a little too much fat on your middle.

Cut your carb intake, as carbs stimulate the production of fat in the liver; and then boost your DHA intake. Along with protecting the organ, this stuff is great for your heart, brain, eyes, and more.

You’ll find it in any decent omega-3 supplement as well as fatty fish, organ meats and egg yolks.

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