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How your ER doc could KILL you

You shouldn’t have to FIGHT to get the care you need, especially when you’re so sick that your LIFE is on the line.

But roll up your sleeves and get ready for battle, my friend, because that’s exactly what you might have to do!

New research shows how older folks are being routinely BOOTED right out the emergency room, even when they’re in rough shape.

They’re told there’s nothing wrong – nothing serious anyway — and sent home.

And it’s having DEADLY consequences!

Every year, some 10,000 American seniors DIE within a week of being sent home from the emergency room, according to the new study.

The number one reason? HEART TROUBLES!

Seniors feel something wrong and rush to the ER, where they’re told it’s a false alarm and sent home.

A week later, they’re dead.

Does that sound like a false alarm to you???

Another key cause of death after an ER visit is a lung problem, especially among older folks battling chronic bronchitis and other forms of COPD.

Same deal.

They KNOW there’s a problem, and they do the right thing.

They head to the ER for help, but instead of getting it, they’re sent back home to die.

This is a national disgrace – and that means you need to fight like your life’s on the line when you sense something’s wrong.

Because your life really IS on the line.

You know your body better than that ER doc. You know when it’s right, and you know when it’s off… even if it’s NOT a “classic” warning sign or symptom.

Everyone knows chest pain’s a biggie, for example. Even ER docs know it, because the study finds folks with chest pain generally don’t get sent home to die.

They get admitted.

Patients with other symptoms, however, aren’t so lucky. The study even blames “gaps in medical knowledge” among ER docs about which patients need more help for the death risk.

Specifically, folks with symptoms such as confusion, shortness of breath, and all-over weakness are more likely to be sent home and more likely to die after an ER visit, and it’s no doubt because many docs don’t take them as seriously as patients with chest pain.

So, let this be a lesson to you: If you’re in urgent need of hospital care, don’t walk out of that joint until you’ve got clear answers about what’s wrong and are 100 percent satisfied that you’re safe to leave.

And if you have a university hospital near you, make that your ER of choice if you can. The same new study finds university-connected hospitals have higher admission rate and patients sent home are much less likely to die despite generally being sicker when they arrive.

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