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How to spot Alzheimer’s… 9 YEARS early!

Most older folks can look death in the eye and not even flinch.

Afraid? Not you!

But there’s one condition that can strike fear into the heart of even the most steely-eyed senior – and that’s the disease that will slowly rob you of EVERYTHING as your entire family watches.

It’s Alzheimer’s disease, and your doc will claim there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Well, friend, he’s flat-out wrong. You CAN beat this disease, but ONLY if you act fast — and the latest research spots one way to get the early jump on dementia so you can stop the condition before it starts.

It reveals what just may be the earliest possible symptom, and it’s NOT what you think.

Because long before you lose your memory… long before you lose your MIND… something else starts to slip.

And it’s your sense of smell.

Sometimes, it turns out the NOSE really KNOWS after all!

The new study finds that a loss in your sense of smell could be the first warning of Alzheimer’s risk – and it might pop up as early as NINE YEARS before the dementia itself is diagnosed.

That’s critical, because once full-blown Alzheimer’s kicks in, your options are limited.

But if you act early, you can SLOW IT… STOP IT… or even REVERSE IT, and a simple sniff test could be just the early-warning system you need.

If you flunk that test, your risk of Alzheimer’s triples over the next nine years. If you only do so-so, that risk jumps by between 40 percent and 80 percent, also over nine years.

That gives you a lot of time to get to work!

The study involved a test for a dozen common scents, and your own doc may be able to do a similar test.

You could even create your own informal test at home. Studies show that simply sniffing up some peanut butter – something you probably have in the pantry right now – can often help you figure out how strong your sense of smell still is.

If it’s starting to fade… if it doesn’t smell as peanutty, or you can barely smell it at all… don’t panic, and don’t ignore it.

Take ACTION instead!

First, talk to your doc and see if he can do a more formal sniff test.

Second, get your hands on a quality B complex containing B6, B12, and folate. Studies have shown that this simple combo can slow the “brain shrink” linked to cognitive decline.

And third, wash it down with a glass of your favorite “adult beverage,” because a drink a day can cut your dementia risk by almost a quarter.

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