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This new push will RUIN your dinner!

The Nanny State is at it again – and if you don’t watch out, they’re going to rob you of EVERYTHING that makes life worth living.

Booze… fats… salt… you name it, there’s a push to have it banned or taxed to the brink of extinction.

And if you love that last one, you’d better stock up now, as researchers in British Medical Journal are calling on governments around the world to restrict salt.

That’s right. YOU have to eat bland meals because THEY think it’s bad for you!

These self-appointed “Health Police,” of course, are making all the old bogus claims, and they’ve even pulled a number out of their… well, let’s just say I don’t think it came from their calculators.

They claim SIX MILLION lives will be saved every year since a 10 percent reduction in salt over 10 years will cut the total global death rate by 10 percent.

C’mon. “10-10-10” sounds like a deal on pizza delivery.

Science rarely works out so neatly.

And sure enough, if you dig into the details of this one, it falls apart faster than a greasy pizza box.

That’s because cutting back on salt might ruin your dinner… but it WON’T save your life!

The entire study – all those numbers – come courtesy of one fatally flawed chain of assumptions.

Supposedly, every dip in sodium will lead to a dip in blood pressure… every dip in blood pressure will lead to a lower risk of heart disease and heart attack… and every dip in the risk of heart disease and heart attack will lead to longer lives and fewer deaths.

The science doesn’t follow that chain. Studies actually show the opposite, finding that the HIGHEST death risk is in seniors who have the LOWEST levels of sodium intake!

One study last year found going below 2,500 mg per day can increase your risk of death by 85 percent; and other studies found a low-salt diet can increase your odds of depression, bone breaks, and more.

Yes — in a very real way, bland food can kill you!

There’s a small group of people who are sensitive to salt. If you’re one of them, unfortunately you need to watch your intake.

For the rest of us, it IS possible to get too much salt, and you WILL face serious risks if you do – but it’s only an issue if you eat packaged foods and canned goods, or use junky premade sauces and mixes.

That garbage is practically MADE of salt (and God only knows what else).

Get back to basics instead. You won’t get anything close to those dangerous levels if you simply make your own fresh food and add salt to taste.

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