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What your painkiller is REALLY doing to your liver

It’s the first pill millions of people reach for when they’re in pain, including the common everyday aches that come with life.

But it’s the LAST thing you want in your body!

New research proves again how any relief you get from acetaminophen – a.k.a. Tylenol – could come with a huge price, one you’ll pay for with your liver.

In fact, the study on both mouse and human tissue shows how the overuse of this drug can practically turn your liver into Swiss cheese, causing the kind of wreckage usually seen in heavy boozers.

And if you overuse the painkiller yourself – even by accident – you could do permanent damage to the organ.

We already know how acetaminophen is positively toxic to the liver. Overdose – including accidental overdose – is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the nation.

But the new study goes even further, showing how it can do more extensive damage to the liver than even scientists had realized.

Turns out this drug can break down cell walls.

Believe me, you don’t want to see those walls come tumbling down.

That wipes out the connections between cells, causing them to stop functioning properly, according to the study conduced by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

This isn’t the kind of damage your liver can handle.

It’s exactly what we see in folks battling some of the deadliest liver diseases of all – including hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even cancer.

And it could start… from popping too much Tylenol!

I know you think that can’t possibly happen to you. Trust me, the emergency rooms are full of people who thought the same thing.

They made the mistake of thinking “over the counter” means “safe” when, in reality, it means anything but.

They have extra pain, so they pop an extra pill… and another… and another.

Next thing they know, they’re getting an express ride to the ER in the back of ambulance.

But that’s not the only way it happens.

Acetaminophen is the “secret” ingredient in dozens – and maybe hundreds – of over-the-counter drugs, dumped into everything from painkillers to cough meds to cold remedies.

So, watch out with that stuff.

Avoid most of it, as much as you can, and stick to basic natural therapies. When it comes to colds, flu, and even pain, many of them are just as effective but without the risks.

If you’re in a pickle with pain – maybe you just hammered your own thumb into the wall – take the lowest possible dose, for the shortest possible time.

And always… ALWAYS… check the ingredients of anything you take.

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