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Set your bedroom on fire with this one habit

Ladies, it hardly seems fair.

A guy needs a little help in the sack, and there’s an entire industry standing by.

Don’t be too jealous. Most of those “options” are scams ranging from meds that work, but pack risks… to nonsensical talk therapies.

Can you imagine having to talk to some shrink about THAT?

Well, ladies, if you’re having some trouble getting “in the mood,” it turns out you’ve got a much simpler and far safer option.

New research reveals one of the keys to getting back in business in the bedroom is to use the bedroom for its main purpose a little more often.

Get more sleep!

It turns out older women who have sleep problems are less likely to be sexually active and less likely to be satisfied with their sex lives overall.

And as you get older, the link between sleep and satisfaction grows.

Between the ages of 50 and 80, every minute you sleep less than seven hours is like a splash of frigid water on your love life.

If you REALLY struggle, you can take a big hit: Women older than 70 who typically get less than five hours a night are 30 percent less likely to be active in the bedroom than older gals who get between seven and eight hours.

But the study also shows that it IS possible to be older and happier with how it’s going in the bedroom – because many women are still “doing it” well into their seventh decade.

In fact, more than half of the older women in the study said they’re still active, and more than half are happy with how it’s going!

The biggest line between who’s satisfied and who’s not appears to be sleep.

The reason?

Blame that age-old villain, menopause.

Once it’s over… once the last hot flash fades… and once the mood stops swinging as a result of all those hormonal changes… it can be like you’re living inside a different body.

And those same hormonal changes can make it almost impossible to sleep the way you used to.

But you can fight back.

The mainstream has turned hormone therapy into a boogeyman, but that’s only because Big Pharma’s drug therapies aren’t quite a match for what’s in your body.

So OF COURSE they come with risks.

Natural bio-identical hormones, on the other hand, are custom-created to match what your body needs. And women who have this treatment report improvements in mood… better sleep… and, yes, more satisfaction when using the bedroom for that “other” reason.

Speak to a holistic medical doctor with experience in natural hormone testing and treatment.

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