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Midnight bathroom runs? Urine trouble!

There’s one thing worse than waking up in the middle of the night in a cold room – and that’s when you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold room because you’ve got “the urge.”

You don’t WANT to get up and out of bed. You WANT to go back to sleep.

But you can’t. Not without crawling out of your warm bed… putting your feet on the cold floor… and staggering to the bathroom first.

It’s a condition called nocturia. It’s irritating, frustrating, sleep-depriving, and now, according to the latest research, it’s something else, too.


Those nighttime toilet trips could trip you up in a very real way… because the more often you get up to go, the more likely you’ll fall down!

Waking up just once to hit the bathroom will boost your risk of a fall by 41 percent, according to the study of men out of Korea.

If you “get up and go” more often, your risk of a dangerous fall DOUBLES!

A fall isn’t just a fall, especially if you’re a little older. You don’t get back up as fast as you used to… and if you break something, you might not be able to get up at all.

The main reason for the risk is pretty obvious: Waking up in the middle of the night can leave anyone a little groggy, disoriented, and unsteady.

Heck, the study finds even YOUNGER men face a higher risk of falls if they wake up to run to the bathroom multiple times… although with younger guys, that’s often the result of heavy drinking.

That’s what leads to all those bathroom runs. And when you’re drunk, of course you might fall.

But older folks can be a little unsteady even without a sip of booze. The risk of a fall is already higher, and it jumps higher still if you’re drowsy and trying to dash for the toilet before an “accident” happens.

So let me give you two basic tips.

First, don’t be too proud to acknowledge reality. If you’re not as steady as you used to be, put some handrails up where they’re needed – especially on stairs, in halls and even in bathrooms.

And second, avoid bladder meds, which pack big risks. Some can even boost your odds of dementia!

The best solution is a little time and effort in the form of bladder training. I know that sounds funny. What’s next… training your spleen???

You “train” your bladder by trying to hold out a little longer between bathroom trips. Believe it or not, it often does the trick.

Limit your liquids before bed, and you’ll be sleeping through the night in no time.

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