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Avoid dementia… with Facebook???

A few years ago, the adults discovered Facebook… and the kids have been regretting it ever since!

Let’s just say we’re not as politically correct as they are.

Yes, friend, truth is the stuff we post on Facebook drives the liberal nephews of the world absolutely batty.

All I can say is… KEEP AT IT!

It’s not just fun to see how a dose of old-fashioned common sense causes them to flip their lids.

It’s actually GOOD for you and even BETTER for your brain!

New research shows how engaging in mentally stimulating activities and hobbies as you get older is the key to slowing and even stopping the descent into cognitive decline.

Computer use is right at the top of the list. That smart-aleck lefty nephew probably thinks your Facebook posts are a sign you’re losing your mind.

In reality, those blunt messages could be proof that you’re sharper than ever!

And if you’re over 70… or plan to get there someday… the study finds that going on the computer is actually the BEST way to cut the risk of one of the most frustrating (and in some cases out-and-out terrifying) problems of age: cognitive impairment.

Banging away at that machine – and driving that nephew up a wall – will cut the risk of mild cognitive impairment by 30 percent.

Other hobbies will also help, although not quite as much.

If you’re into crafting, hop in the car and head to Michaels to stock up on supplies – because this little hobby will slash that MCI risk by 28 percent.

If you’re more the social butterfly type, make plans and get out with your pals, because that’ll cause the risk to drop by nearly a quarter.

And if games are your thing, organize poker night or meet at your favorite watering hole for some pool and darts – because it’s not just a fun night out.

Those fun leisure-time activities will slash your risk of mild cognitive impairment by 22 percent.

That’s a BIG deal because mild cognitive impairment isn’t just a “brain burp.”

It can be the first stage on the path that leads to more severe impairment, followed by cognitive decline and dementia.

Of course, if you want to maximize both your leisure time and your benefits, don’t just pick one of those brain-stimulating activities.

Get cracking on as many of them as you like.

Don’t forget to brag about them on Facebook… that’ll probably drive your nephew nuts, too.

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