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How to beat heart failure

It’s called heart failure, but there’s a much bigger failure than what’s happening to your heart.

It’s a failure of medicine!

Just like all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t fix poor old Humpty Dumpty, all the new drugs and all the latest surgeries won’t do much to protect your heart and save your life.

Now, the latest research exposes the ugly truth about those expensive… and in some cases DANGEROUS… heart failure treatments.

They DON’T make a difference!

If they did, heart failure patients would be living better and longer lives.

Instead, the study out of the United Kingdom finds NO DIFFERENCE in survival rates since 1998.


Your odds of making it through the first year after your diagnosis are 80 percent, which sounds good until you see how rapidly that number drops.

By the second year, your odds of survival are barely 50 percent.

And the odds of making it to Year Ten would make a Vegas gambler’s hands tremble and sweat… because it’s just 29.5 percent.

These numbers might be from the UK, but it’s the same story here, where those same new treatments have been a dud.

Well, they’ve been a dud for PATIENTS.

They’ve been GREAT for drug companies, which have been able to boost the bottom line by offering desperate patients drugs and surgeries that don’t make a difference, as the new study shows all too clearly.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t accept anything your doc is selling (especially if you’re in the ER).

But I will tell you it’s time to make sure you get the FULL story and go over ALL your options – including one he almost certainly won’t mention, unless you press him on it.

It’s testosterone.

You need this “manly” hormone for more than just your sex life.

It also plays a key role in heart function – so much so that multiple mainstream studies over the years have backed it as safe and effective for heart failure patients.

A study published in 2012 in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation concluded that testosterone is a “promising therapy to improve functional capacity” in heart failure patients.

Research published in 2010 found it can “improve metabolism and endurance.” And a 2004 study found “significant improvements in physical capacity and symptoms.”

By the way, it’s not just the guys who need it. Ladies, you need it, too especially for heart function – you just need a whole lot less.

So, if you haven’t been tested, get checked out to see where you stand and if you could use a boost.

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