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New risks linked to gout

Got GOUT? Watch OUT!

A new report is pushing doctors to use gout as an excuse to pump you full of statins and other drugs that have NOTHING to do with this painful condition and WON’T help clear it up.

Supposedly, the study finds, gout is a sure sign of heart risk.

So as long as you’re there in the clinic, bellyaching about the red-hot pain in your big toe, he may as well get to work on your heart risk, too.

It’s like when you bring your car in for an oil change, and they try to upsell you on a new set of tires!

The new study finds that nearly everyone with gout has at least one risk factor for heart problems, and two thirds have so many risk factors that they’re supposedly at “very high risk.”

And half have plaque gumming up the arteries, according to the figures published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Now, it’s true that the same unhealthy lifestyle that leads to gout will also boost your heart risk.

But it’s NOT true that drugs like statins will do a thing about either.

If anything, statins will make you worse off!

At least gout pain will usually stay in that toe, which feels as if it’s being stabbed from the inside with a red-hot poker.

Statins can cause muscle pain just about anywhere – especially the thighs, arms. and shoulders.

In some cases, it’s the agony of stabbing pain. In others, it just feels like all the strength has left.

Statins can also cause memory loss and liver and kidney damage, and it can even trigger diabetes.

Next to that, a little gout is nothing!

Of course, the reason “nearly everyone” with gout has at least one risk factor for heart problems is that nearly everyone – with or without gout – has a risk factor or two.

Those risk guidelines weren’t cooked up to really sort out who’s facing heart problems.

They were created to sell drugs like statins!

It’s working like a charm, too – and now they’re looking to expand the market even further by glomming onto gout patients.

So, let me give you two quick tips.

First, if you DO have true heart risk factors – especially plaque gumming up your arteries – you don’t need statins. You need vitamin K, which can sweep through and clear it out (but talk to your doc first since this nutrient is a no-go for anyone with a clot risk).

If you’ve got a little too much build up, chelation therapy can often do the trick.

And second, if you have gout, a little weight loss will usually stop the flare-ups, and cherry extract can reduce the risk of a second flare-up – by as much as a third!

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