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BEAT winter infections with this FREE trick

It’s February, and you know what that means: It’s like a zombie movie out there!

The streets are filled with shambling, oozing, red-eyed creatures. They’re not actually dead (or undead), of course – even if some feel like they are.

They’re suffering from colds, bronchial infections, flu, and all the rest of the nasty winter bugs.

And if you’re not careful, you’ll be joining them next!

Today, I’m going to give you the key to making yourself zombie-proof. You’ll be able to walk through the wheezing, sneezing, dripping crowds without getting so much as a sniffle yourself.

The latest research shows the key to boosting your immune system so it can fight infection is to GET MORE SLEEP.

Obvious, right?

Not obvious enough, because most folks still fall far short of what they need – especially this time of year – and the new study shows how that can practically shut down your immune system.

Next thing you know, you’re among the “walking dead”!

The new study looked at twins with different sleep habits, a brilliant move since twins often have many of the same health issues and risk factors… and even similar immune responses.

Well, they WOULD be similar, but different levels of sleep can change everything. In experiments on 11 pairs, the twin who got less sleep was also the one who had worse immune function in EVERY case.

They had less activity in one of the most important parts of the immune system, especially when it comes to wiping out Zombie Fever: the white blood cells.

When your nose feels swollen and stuffy during a cold, those are your white blood cells rushing to the scene to attack the rhinovirus, overwhelm it, and boot it out.

And all that snot and goo that comes rushing out of you?

Those are the white blood cells after they’ve done their job.

That thick mucus may not FEEL very good; but when it’s flowing good, that’s a sure sign your immune system is working well.

But if you’re not getting enough sleep, you won’t generate enough of those white blood cells.

The result?

You get sicker, easier… and stay sick longer.

It’s a recipe for misery any time of year, but here in the middle of winter – with nasty viruses flying around like monkeys in Oz – it’s pretty much a guarantee that you WILL get ILL.

And if you’re getting sick yourself every winter… if you catch every little bug going around… the reason could be in your sleep habits.

Get to bed. Get to bed earlier and stay asleep longer and, in addition to getting a more powerful immune system, you’ll also give a boost to your heart, brain, and more – and you’ll never turn into a winter zombie.

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