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Popular blood pressure med WON’T save your life!

It’s a scene more cliché than anything you’ll ever see on film or TV – and it unfolds every day, all day, in medical offices around the country.

The doc will take your blood pressure… wag his finger at you… and insist that you need BP meds.

And he’ll almost certainly break out the big guns right away, handing you a prescription for an ACE inhibitor, especially if you have heart disease.

After all, he’ll insist – bringing his voice down low so you know how serious he is – your life is on the line!

Well, my friend, if that tired old scene ever plays out in the film of your life, it’s time to write a new ending – because the latest research shows just how those newer drugs can make a difference.

They might be MORE EXPENSIVE than some of your other options.

But the new study shows they won’t do squat to help you fight this disease.

Truth be told, despite the fact that ACE inhibitors are actually encoded in the official guidelines for patients with stable coronary artery disease, these drugs are only a little bit better than doing NOTHING AT ALL (although other studies show even that’s debatable).

They WON’T cut the risk of serious heart problems… and they WON’T add so much as 15 extra seconds to your life.

And you know what’s just as good as those ACE inhibitors but woefully missing from the guidelines? The diuretic drugs that have fallen out of fashion lately.

That’s right – plain old diuretics, a class of drug used for more than half a century, will give you the same benefit as a powerful new ACE inhibitor.

The only black mark against these time-tested workhorse meds?


Diuretics are long out of patent, which means Big Pharma can’t make big money off them anymore. That’s the REAL reason they cooked up ACE inhibitors and other new blood pressure meds.

It’s not that they’re better.

It’s because they’re more profitable!

But along with costing more, ACE inhibitors pack far more severe side effects than diuretics, including some doozies: They can make you weak, tired, and dizzy.

That’s a triple dose of trouble that can increase your risk of a fall, leading to injury and even bone breaks.

Don’t risk it, my friend.

Stick to the basics. In most cases, that means you don’t even need diuretics, since little bumps in blood pressure are often nothing to worry about – especially as you get older.

When those levels jump sharply – and stay high – a little weight loss will usually bring it back down.

If that doesn’t do the trick, then you still don’t need a drug – you need a doc with the skills to figure what your body’s trying to tell you, so you can FIX it.

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