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Your cancer doc is lying to you

Better safe than sorry, right?

That’s what your oncologist will tell you as he pressures you into treatment for an early-stage breast tumor.

But ladies, two new studies show how treating those tumors ISN’T always safe – and, if you give in to his scare tactics, you could be SORRY!

These studies show how women are being hoodwinked into treatments many of them DON’T NEED – and when they cave in and have those therapies, they’re suffering terrible side effects at a shocking rate.

The first study finds that even going by lax mainstream standards, millions of women have been treated unnecessarily for breast cancer over the years.

In fact, ONE in THREE early-stage breast cancer diagnoses and treatments are entirely unnecessary!

The reason, of course, is the mammogram, which often detects harmless cancers that docs rush to treat anyway.

But in the study of women given regular mammograms compared to women who didn’t get regular screenings, there were NO DIFFERENCES at all in the rate of advanced breast cancer cases detected.


The only difference is that women who got screened were more likely to be diagnosed with and treated for early-stage cancer and ductal carcinoma in situ, which, in most cases, is completely harmless.

Once you crunch the numbers you find that ONE in THREE are treated for cancers that NEVER would have hurt them – with many suffering through toxic drugs, poisonous chemo, and disfiguring surgeries.

It’s an absolute OUTRAGE!

These aren’t just debilitating treatments – they’re devastating. In some cases, they can be worse than the cancer itself – and a second new study shows just how bad they can be.

Nearly EVERY WOMAN – 93 percent – suffers at least one side effect while being treated for an early-stage tumor. And in nearly HALF of all cases, they end up battling SEVERE side effects.

This isn’t just the typical nausea, puking, fatigue and more that comes with the territory during cancer treatment.

As bad as those are, 45 percent suffer severe side effects including intense pain, serious skin conditions and extreme constipation.

It’s misery on a level you’ve never seen!

While chemotherapy was linked to many of the most severe side effects, 30 percent of women who DIDN’T have chemo also reported severe problems caused by their treatment.

And, in some cases, it got REALLY bad: Five percent had to go to an ER not because of their cancer, but due to the side effects of their treatment.

All for a cancer that in most cases should’ve been left alone!

So, don’t let some cash-grabbing oncologist con you into treatments you don’t need.

In many cases, breast cancers don’t even need to be screened, much less treated, which is why a growing number of women are refusing routine mammograms.

Talk to an independent naturopathic doctor for the approach that’s best for you.

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