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Cancer… in your taters!

I’ll be the first to admit that sticking to an all-natural tried-and-true low-carb diet can be a little tough at times.

It’s especially rough in the morning, when you might be tempted to have a piece of toast to soak up your eggs. And in the evening… well, who doesn’t want some crispy roasted taters to go with that steak?

I’ll bet your mouth’s watering just thinking about it!

I’m not trying to tempt you. In fact, just the opposite: I’m here to KILL that urge for good, because it turns out those two common carbs won’t just threaten your diet.

They can threaten YOUR LIFE!

A new warning from the tater-loving Brits finds that eating roasted spuds and/or toasted bread can give you CANCER.

If that doesn’t clear the taste of carbs off your palate, I don’t know what will!

The new warning confirms that high-temperature cooking will cause potatoes and bread to crank out a chemical called acrylamide.

The crispier those potatoes… and browner the bread… the more of that toxic acrylamide they’ll generate.

That little crisp might add flavor. But once inside your body, those dangerous chemicals may help tumors to form, grow, and thrive.

It’s also a neurotoxin that can really screw you up inside, especially at higher levels.

For this warning to come from the Brits, of all people, is huge. They don’t just LOVE potatoes.

They’re practically infatuated with them.

Spuds are part of nearly every one of their meals and snacks. Potato chips, crisps, mash, and even pies (yes, a PIE of POTATOES).

With that kind of love on the line, the health authorities there are downright TERRIFIED of warning people against eating them.

They might start a revolution!

Instead, they’ve come up with a dopey campaign called “GO FOR GOLD” that encourages people to eat the same garbage taters and breads, just slightly undercooked.

BLECH. Good luck with that.

I’ve got a better idea. GO FOR BROKE and get rid of those foods completely, in ALL their forms.

Potatoes in particular don’t need to be roasted to generate toxic acrylamides. The chemical can form even if a potato is simply bruised!

And in any and all forms, cooked or not, bread and potatoes are essentially blood sugar bombs that’ll cause glucose to spike and screw up your body’s insulin response.

Over the short term, that leads to hunger and weight gain.

Over the long haul, that’ll send you down the path to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even dementia.

So, don’t look for the “best” way to eat empty carbs of any kind. It doesn’t exist.

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