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The simple secret to PERFECT arteries

I hope you’re ready to get outraged this morning, because I’ve got some news that’s really going to get you steamed.

There’s a simple, safe, and inexpensive nutrient out there that can do more for your arteries than just about ANYTHING in the pharmacy.

Your doctor should be talking it up, right?

Well, he SHOULD. But he ISN’T – and if you follow his advice, you’re almost guaranteed to miss out!

It’s called vitamin K, and the K should stand for KEY – because new research shows that’s just what it is.

It’s the KEY to healthier and more flexible arteries, as it’s able to STOP the calcification that can cause them to stiffen up and practically turn to stone.

And that can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Two new studies show how the KEY unlocks something called matrix GLA-protein, or MGP.

You may not have heard of this stuff, but it’s your body’s best weapon against stiffening arteries – and you’ve got two kinds of it sitting inside you right now.

There’s the ACTIVE form of MGP, which sweeps through your arteries like the nighttime cleaning crew, chasing out the calcium that builds up and causes them to practically stiffen.

And there’s the INACTIVE form, which does, well, just what the name says.

It’s doesn’t do much of anything!

As a result, the two new studies – one on folks with diabetes, the other on folks with kidney disease – find that the higher your levels of that inactive form of MGP, the higher your levels of stiffness.

This is where the KEY comes in.

Vitamin K unlocks the inactive form, making it ACTIVE so it gets to work and keeps your arteries from stiffening up.

These new studies help explain why research published a few years back found that men with the highest K intake have a 51 percent lower risk of death from a heart attack.

The downside to that is “highest K intake” is pretty rare territory.

Remember what I said about your doctor earlier? Odds are he’s told you to avoid butter and use weird “buttery spreads” instead, and he’s almost certainly told you to cut down on meat.

But honest-to-goodness grass-fed butter and organ meats are the best sources of vitamin K2, which is the best form of vitamin K for artery health.

Making matters worse, some of the meds he’ll give you – like the blood thinner warfarin and certain antibiotics – can suck the K right out of your body.

Obviously, don’t start or stop taking drugs on your own. And since K2 can cause the clots the blood thinners are trying to stop, don’t add a supplement on your own, either.

Instead, talk to a doctor – ideally a naturopathic doctor – and work together on finding the safest ways to get the K your arteries need.

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