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Back pain? Here’s a REALLY bad idea!

As the kids would say… LOL!

Desperate Americans are shelling out big bucks for yoga classes in the hopes it’ll do everything from cut their blood pressure to end their pain.

And they’re finding out the hard way that the only thing it’ll really ease is the burden of any extra cash in the pocket!

You’ve heard me make fun of yoga before, and I’m not just having a laugh. It’s a waste of time and money – and the latest research shows one of the reasons older folks turn to this nonsense is a complete bust.

Yoga can ease back pain… a little… but it takes three or four months of chanting and stretching before the relief really kicks in.

If you stick it out for six months, yoga will improve function a little too.

I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like a win for yoga, even if it’s slow going before you see the benefit.


The headlines are all focused on those (very small) benefits, but they’re missing the point: The study finds the improvement is only when you compare yoga to DOING NOTHING at all.

Compare it to anything else – even ordinary stretches and movements – and the study finds there’s ZERO EVIDENCE yoga is any better.

In other words, yoga is an expensive neutral at best.

But that’s not quite the full story – because some folks can’t handle all those ridiculous poses. As a result, the new study finds 1 in 20 patients who turn to yoga for back pain end up feeling WORSE!

One study last year went even further, finding that older folks who try yoga are more likely to suffer serious injuries – the kind that end up in a trip to the hospital – because of yoga.

Can you imagine that?

There you are in the ER, surrounded by folks who’ve had heart attacks, been in car accidents and maybe even someone who’s been shot.

“What are you in for?”

Can you really answer “yoga” with a straight face?

You might get laughed right out of the ER!

There are better ways to beat back pain.

Sometimes, a little stretching can help, but you don’t need the ridiculous poses of yoga. You can do the basics at home.

Google “stretches for back pain” or ask a doc for more info.

If that doesn’t do the trick, try some natural anti-inflammatories. Better yet, try Soothanol X2 from my colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals. This potent blend of pain relievers including DMSO, menthol and MSM is so powerful that just a few drops rubbed into a trouble spot can cause pain to vanish within 45 seconds.

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