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Happy pills can crack your hip

Call it one more reason to never, ever take an antidepressant drug.

Swallow those pills today, and you could end up clinging to a walker tomorrow – because new research shows how common mood meds can DOUBLE and, in some cases, nearly TRIPLE your risk of a broken hip!

The risk applies across the board to nearly every major class of antidepressant: SSRIs, SNRIs, and mirtazapine.

The study focused on seniors, some with and some without Alzheimer’s disease, since dementia patients are often given the meds to help keep them calm.

How calm will they be when they’re battling the crippling pain of a cracked hip? My guess is not very – and they’re not the only ones at risk.

Even perfectly healthy seniors, especially folks in their 80s, face almost the same risk of a broken hip once “happy pills” enter the picture.

In the first month of use, whether you have dementia or not, the drugs can more than TRIPLE your risk of a hip break.

Survive those first four weeks, and the risk may drop… but you’re not out of the woods.

In both cases, the hip risk remains high for up to four years!

There are two OBVIOUS reasons for this.

First, the drugs can thin bone, especially in older folks. That’s bad news right out of the gate, since that bone is often already turning to sponge in many cases.

And second, antidepressants can make you spacier than an astronaut and loopier than a rollercoaster – and that can cause you to stagger, stumble, tumble, and fall.

Even if you don’t break a bone, you could end up in a world of pain!

The mainstream, of course, JUST… DOESN’T… GET IT.

They KNOW all about the bone risk. They’ve known about it for YEARS. But usually, they downplay it – and last year, they even came up with the kooky idea to say that blood pressure meds might stop the bone loss.

In other words, instead of getting you OFF a bad med linked to bone breaks, they want you to keep taking it… along with ANOTHER bad med ALSO linked to bone breaks!

That’s a whole cup of crazy right there, my friend – and this bone risk isn’t even the worst part of these meds.

As you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose, these drugs often FAIL at their basic reason for existence. In many cases, they don’t do SQUAT for depression!

You’ve got better options in any case. The B vitamins in beef, the sun of a beach vacation, and the steady movement of a daily walk or bike ride are all proven to beat the blues – and if you need a little more help, you don’t need a med.

Try a natural therapy such as St. John’s wort.

I’ll have the inside scoop on another powerful natural treatment that’s proven to be AS GOOD AS drugs for depression later today.

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