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This simple step can SLOW aging

Sitting pretty? Not on your life!

We don’t need a study to know parking ourselves in a sofa or easy chair is no good.

It’s plain old common sense.

But it’s not common enough, because millions of Americans spend so much time planted that they’re starting to sprout roots – and so we’ve got yet another new study warning what all that downtime will do to your body.

And if you’re getting up there in years… if you’re worried that age is catching up to you, or maybe it already has… then you might want to stand up right now, as you read this.

Because sitting can literally age you FASTER!

The new study on older women finds that folks who sit 10 hours a day or more and don’t get at least 40 minutes of movement per day suffer damage right where you want it least.

It’s not in a joint, muscle, artery, or brain.

It’s EVERYWHERE, all at once – because the study finds all that idle time wrecks your DNA!

Specifically, it causes the little caps that hold those DNA strands together to get shorter.

They’re called telomeres, and they get shorter on their own as you get older. But if they get too short too quickly, you face a higher risk of nearly every major chronic disease and even death itself.

The difference is nothing to sneeze at.

Women in the study who spent those 10 hours in “park” mode had telomeres so much shorter that it was equal to the damage of EIGHT YEARS of aging, when compared to women who got at least a little activity each day.

The study may have been on women. But guys, don’t rest on your own laurels – because other studies have shown sitting is every bit as bad for you.

Along with cutting telomeres, too much sitting can boost your risk of just about everything that’s trying to kill you. It’ll increase your odds of heart problems, blood clots, diabetes, and cancer.

Sitting will even boost your risk of death from ALL causes!

It’s so easy to cut all those risks at once, because you don’t have to join a gym, train for a marathon, or take up sports.

All you’ve got to do is get up and stay on your feet throughout the day, whether it’s going out for a walk around your neighborhood or even right there inside your own home.

Yes, it really is that easy – so shut down the computer, and stand up as if your life depends on it.

In many ways, it does!

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