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Have another cup of coffee!

At some point or another, the caffeine in coffee has been blamed for just about everything in the book.

High blood pressure… headaches… jitters… sleep disorders… nerve problems… you name it.

But there’s a catch to this – because NONE of it is true.

Unless you’ve got a rare caffeine sensitivity, coffee could be the best friend you’ve ever had! In fact, if you’re a little older, that caffeine can add YEARS to your life.

New research from Stanford University shows how caffeine releases metabolites into your blood that act like a Special Forces squad inside your body.

They go hunting for inflammation, and not just any old inflammation.

Some of it’s good, like the puffy spots that show your body is fighting an infection or protecting injury.

Caffeine leaves that inflammation alone.

Instead, it targets another type of metabolite in your blood – one caused by the nucleic acid of your genes as they break down, a process caused mostly by AGING.

These metabolites trigger the chronic low-level inflammation responsible for up to 90 percent of what the Stanford researchers call the “noncommunicable diseases of aging.”

In plain English, it’s what you and I would call the inflammation behind all the conditions that keep us up at night: cancer, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, and more.

That same inflammation can even cause depression.

But brew up a hot mug of joe, and all of those conditions can melt away – kind of the way your troubles seem to fade, at least for a few moments, as you savor a sip of the black elixir.

The study finds that caffeine is especially effective in fighting the inflammation that causes stiff arteries.

It’s as if the caffeine can actually help make your arteries YOUNGER so you can dodge heart disease, the nation’s leading killer.

And to cap it all off, the study found coffee drinkers are better able to fight off the damage caused by cell-destroying free radicals.

Yes, all that… from coffee!

So, put on the pot and brew yourself a cup. Better yet, have two or three – because along with that terrific smell, great taste, and eye-popping caffeine, coffee is also chock full o’ antioxidants and other great nutrients.

They can team up to fight cancer, keep your arteries clear and even help you stay alive – which is why studies show coffee drinkers don’t just live better as they enjoy their favorite drink each morning.

They live LONGER, too!

With a toast for the roast,

Jack Harrison

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