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How high blood pressure can HELP you

Well, well, well – looks like new research proves that DECADES of “standard practice” by mainstream medicine isn’t just wrong.


And if you’re a little older… or have high hopes of getting there one day… you’d better watch out for this one.

Because this “standard practice” could ruin your life, or maybe even end it.

Treating so-called high blood pressure doesn’t always help, and for many seniors it can HURT.

A little bump in blood pressure will cause your doc to practically panic – but according to a new study, if it kicks in as you get older, it could actually CUT your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, SLOW the condition’s onset, and KEEP you from spinning into a more rapid decline.

It turns a little boost in blood pressure can help keep the blood flowing into the brain more effectively – something that’s critical in the best of times, but even more important as you get older.

Your brain uses up about 25 percent of the blood in your body, pulling out the oxygen and nutrients it needs to keep firing on all cylinders.

That’s why the new study finds that seniors in their 80s and 90s who see a spike in their BP levels actually have a LOWER risk of dementia!

If you develop hypertension after 80, your risk of dementia drops by 42 percent.

And if it kicks in after 90, your risk of the disease plunges by 63 percent.

The researchers claim these results only apply to 80- and 90-somethings.

Nice try.

High blood pressure simply is NOT the crisis it’s been made out to be, even in folks in the ripe “young” ages of their 60s and 70s. Studies show that the entire categories of “pre-hypertension” and even “Stage I hypertension” are pure bunk.

That’s especially true as you get older, when your BP is pretty much guaranteed to rise.

It’s NORMAL, yet docs act like it’s some kind of crisis.

They’ll use it as an excuse to push BP meds on you, but those drugs can cause far more problems than they ever solve, including falls, memory loss and even stroke.

Clever docs know the REAL risk isn’t in slowly rising blood pressure levels, but in sudden, sharp spikes that seem to strike without any obvious explanation.

And even if that happens, you don’t need to gobble pills or give up sodium in a desperate attempt to force your levels down.

You need help!

That’s when your doc’s supposed to earn his pay – because he needs to figure out what’s causing that spike so you can get to work fixing it.

I’m not done with brain protection just yet.

Along with finding a way off those BP meds – or not getting on them in the first place – there’s one step every senior needs to take right now.

I’ll have more coming up in a message later today.

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