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‘Fake news’ scare linked to meat and eggs

You want to see some “Fake News”?

Forget politics – and look at the nonsense that passes for health news these days!

Seems like every darned day I find nonsensical agenda-driven “studies” pushed by the clueless (and in some cases outright corrupt) hacks of the leftwing media.

The latest is a new attempt to scare people away from the basics, like meat and eggs, as another desperate plea for attention disguised as research claims that anyone who eats the stuff is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Supposedly, having high blood levels of a molecule called trimethylamine N-oxide (a.k.a. TMAO) will increase your risk of dropping dead from heart problems by SIX TIMES.

Frightened? That’s not even the scary part.

This supposed risk doesn’t kick in within years or even months.

According to the study, if your levels are high, you could drop dead within a single month.

Since TMAO has been linked repeatedly to meat and eggs, the lesson here – at least according to the researchers behind the study – is to switch to beans and tofu.

But don’t give up your beefy cheese omelets just yet, my friend, because there are some HUGE flaws in this one.

First, if this were even remotely true, you’d never be able to reach the register at a butcher or walk through the dairy aisle without having to step over a pile of bodies.

Second, the highest levels of TMAO don’t come from meat and eggs. Not even close. Care to guess what it is?


Some fish cause the body’s TMAO levels to rise by 53 TIMES HIGHER than meats and eggs.

Of course, no one will recommend not eating fish – that’s too nutty even by mainstream standards.

So, they go right after their favorite target instead.

Third, researchers have also found that much of your TMAO isn’t necessarily caused by certain FOODS… but rather certain BACTERIA.

The germ that seems to be busiest at cranking out the TMAO is called Prevotella – and most of it comes from eating grains, especially the supposedly healthy whole grains.

And fourth, there ARE ways to slash your TMAO levels without giving up any of your favorite foods (although grains, even whole grains, should be cast out like demons).

All you have to do is ADD one of your favorites: wine!

Resveratrol, a compound found inside a good red, can wipe out TMAO with a quick one-two punch… rushing through the arteries and sweeping this stuff out, while also blocking bacteria from the whole TMAO-making process.

Not bad for a little booze, and a glass or two a night can certainly lead to cleaner arteries.

But don’t stop there.

For maximum benefits – and to get the same amount of resveratrol used in most studies – take a resveratrol supplement, too.

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