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Another reason to skip chemo

Ladies, when your breast cancer’s gone, the oncologist will pat himself on the back for a job well done – and, odds are, he’ll never even bother to ask how YOU feel about the whole thing.

If he did, he’d know the ugly truth.

The cancer might be gone… but you FEEL worse than ever!

Docs will warn you that chemo is no picnic and you’ll feel like absolute garbage as you battle through it.

But they’ll also act as if there’s nothing but blue skies and rainbows waiting on the other side.

Now, the latest research reveals the ugly truth about chemo – something any woman who’s been through it can tell you about all too well.

There are no blue skies on the other side.

It’s a thick fog that can cloud your mind so completely you won’t be able to think straight anymore.

Some docs have flat-out denied that this “chemo brain” is even real, claiming that women are somehow imagining the whole thing.

The new study shows it must be one heck of a mass delusion: Nearly HALF of all women who have chemo battle memory loss, attention span problems, and trouble processing information.

They suffered from these brain-bending, mind-twisting problems at nearly THREE TIMES the rate of healthy women who haven’t had chemo, according to the study in Journal of Clinical Oncology.

What’s more, the study also proves that these mind-clouding side effects don’t magically disperse when the chemo ends.

Like a lingering storm, they can park themselves in place and STAY THERE, haunting you for at least SIX MONTHS after your treatment supposedly ends.

That’s not the only side effect, either.

Chemo can leave you feeling as if you’ve been mauled by a bear, suffering from all-over pain and life-sapping fatigue.

And it can positively wreck your immune system. You might do fine against the cancer, only to suffer horrific infections because your body just can’t handle germs anymore.

It’s like a nightmare… except you’re completely awake!

But you don’t have to risk all that to beat cancer, especially breast cancer.

Chemo is holdover from the Stone Age of cancer medicine, a toxic treatment that attacks YOU even as it fights the tumor.

In most cases, you DON’T need it – especially for breast cancer, which often needs no treatment at all.

If you’ve been diagnosed with this disease, don’t let any slick-talking mainstream oncologist rush you into a toxic treatment or surgery with lasting or even irreversible effects.

Get a second opinion from a skilled naturopathic medical doctor experienced in cancer care.

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