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The SECRET cause of Alzheimer’s hiding in your home

The medical mainstream is pretending it’s absolutely clueless as to the cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

But there’s no medical mystery here.

New research has found a SMOKING GUN right at the scene of the crime ñ and it’s not bad luck, bad genes, or bad diet.


Researchers finally did what they should’ve done years ago. They not only examined the brains of deceased Alzheimer’s patients, but they looked specifically at the levels of aluminum.

They didn’t just find a little in there.

They found some of the HIGHEST LEVELS ever recorded in human brains!

If it’s not playing a role here, that’s an awfully big coincidence ñ and while this study only looked at one form of Alzheimer’s, we’ve seen the link in other forms, and in both human and animal studies.

We’ll see it again and again, too, until someone in the mainstream finally wakes the heck up and realizes many cases of Alzheimer’s are really aluminum poisoning.

And in most cases, the aluminum isn’t doing it all on its own ñ because normally, your body would toss aluminum right out like a cheap soda can.

It needs an inside man… a little helper that can guide it around… and if you have fluoridated water, that’s just the friend it needs. The two link up like the best of pals, forming aluminum fluoride, which can evade your natural defenses and travel around your body.

While circulating in your blood, they can even bond with oxygen, causing the aluminum fluoride to turn into aluminum oxide.

Guess which form of aluminum is often found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients? That’s right ñ aluminum oxide!

Believe it or not, that’s not all these metals can do.

Pushing that fluoride-aluminum combo through your kidneys is like trying to run a sheet of aluminum through your paper shredder.

The thing will choke and even grind to a halt!

Your kidneys normally filter your blood, pulling out toxins and other contaminants ñ so when aluminum and fluoride get in there, they’re are a major cause of kidney damage, kidney disease, kidney failure, and even DEATH.

But you won’t hear that from your doctor.

There are two steps I recommend every senior take to avoid this fate.

First, ditch the aluminum cookware. If you have fluoridated water, cooking with it can suck low levels of the metal into your food ñ and then into your body.

And second, filter your water.

Forget the little sink filters and water pitchers, and go heavy-duty: Get a reverse-osmosis system, which can pull aluminum, fluoride, and everything else out of your water.

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