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URGENT: New warning over heartburn meds

Living with acid reflux is a lot like living down in you-know-where.

Where else would you find humans being tortured with bubbling acid?

But that miserable punishment is nothing compared to what reflux drugs can do to you.

They can punish you in more ways than you can count, and the latest research spots one more.

And if you think that bubbling acid is bad, I’ve got news for you today, my friend.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Common acid reflux drugs – including some of the best-selling meds on the planet – can give you a side effect so miserable you could literally poop to death.

I warned you it was bad, right?

The study focused on both proton pump inhibitors (think Nexium, Prilosec, and Prevacid) and H2 blockers (like Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac). Both of them do a darn good job of cutting your stomach acid levels.

Sounds great – until you realize that stomach acid is ESSENTIAL to your digestion. And when those levels fall, the bacteria you need die off, and the whole process flies off the rails.

The balance shifts, and a second group of germs grab the opportunity to seize control.

As a result, the new study finds that two terrible bacteria – Clostridium difficile and Campylobacter – can take over and make you sick.

Taking either class of drugs will increase your risk of Campylobacter infection by roughly FOUR TIMES.

At least that infection will only make you miserable for a few days, but it probably won’t kill you. Campylobacter deaths are pretty rare.

C. diff is another story. It’s one of the deadliest bugs on the planet, killing nearly 30,000 Americans every year – most of them older folks.

Taking either PPIs or H2 blockers will boost your risk of this deadly diarrhea infection by 42 percent if you’re in a hospital – where you’re already at risk of C. diff – and by a stunning 70 percent if you’re NOT in a hospital.

If that’s not enough to scare you off the meds, that’s only the beginning.

Along with boosting the risk of a nasty stomach-rotting infection, these drugs can also sap you of essential nutrients – leading to a risk of thinner, weaker bone and even exposing you to heart problems.

You don’t need to risk ANY of that to escape the acid pits of reflux.

You’ve got much better options, starting with something that sounds absolutely delicious: marshmallow.

Sorry, it’s not THAT marshmallow.

But a bottle of capsules containing marshmallow root will run you less than $5, last for months, and can chase reflux away without any risks at all.

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