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Why your painkillers will stop working

I don’t know about you, but my snow-shoveling days are long behind me.

I’ve already got a deal in place with the neighborhood kids. When the white stuff falls, they show up and shovel me out while I watch from my window with a cup of coffee.

Best $30 I’ve ever spent!

But I’ve got pals who still insist on doing everything themselves, and most of them end up paying the price sooner or later.

That’s exactly how folks end up on pain pills. Sometimes, it’s just a couple days. But for others, the pain is so chronic that they hit the pill bottle nearly every day.

Now, the latest research shows how some of the most commonly-used drugs for chronic pain won’t do you any favors.

And if you use them over the long haul, they won’t make your pain any better.

They can actually make it WORSE!

The drugs are opioids, or the powerful prescriptions painkillers that have left a trail of abuse and death across the country.

But even if you never suffer those extremes, these drugs can leave you practically crippled in agony.

It’s the exact opposite of what you want from a pain drug!

The new review of some 200 studies finds these drugs can block your body’s own pain defenses.

That makes the pain worse when you’re not on drugs, leading to higher doses to get the relief you need.

Even worse, a pain problem that might go away on its own can linger – sometimes for YEARS.

And that’s just one risk!

The new study also confirms these drugs can cloud your mind over so bad that you might not even know your own name and leave you so unsteady on your feet that you could take a fall.

They can cause addiction, depression, hypogonadism, and even death.

But the research team saved the best for last.

They didn’t quit with a laundry list of risks. They actually ripped Big Pharma a new one for its nonsensical “safety measures” like tamper-resistant packaging and hard-to-crush pills to stop junkies from snorting it.

It’s all a waste of time that doesn’t address the central issue: The drugs are bad news for so many reasons far beyond addiction risk.

Instead, they’re URGING docs to switch track and get away from the darned opioids already – especially when there are so many other options proven to work wonders for chronic pain.

Acupuncture, massage, heat therapy, physical therapy, and more can all help ease your aches without making them worse.

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