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Fight aging… with HAMBURGERS!

Like hamburgers? Of course you do. Who doesn’t love a good hamburger?

Just toss the bun and eat it European-style, with a fork and knife, even if you get some strange looks. Feel free to keep all the toppings – especially that delicious cheese – and you’ve got yourself a mouth-watering low-carb dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

That hamburger isn’t just tasty and filling.

New research reveals that it’s holding the SECRET to HEALTHY AGING!

Yes, you read that right. You can actually fight Father Time… and even turn back the clock… and you can do it with a juicy hamburger!

Beef is one of the best sources of zinc, an essential mineral that’s critical to some 3,000 functions in your body.

It plays a role in everything from your immune system to your sex drive.

Now, the new study shows how an extra 4 mg of zinc per day – exactly the amount you’ll find in four ounces of hamburger – can block one of the worst signs of aging.

As you get older, your DNA starts to unravel – and, as it falls apart, you start to unwind with it.

Ever feel like the warranty’s up on your body and everything’s breaking at once?

Consider that a warning from your DNA. It’s saying it needs some help, because it can’t keep itself together anymore.

Well, friend, help is on the way: In the new study, a burger-sized boost in zinc activated a critical set of proteins within six weeks.

These proteins help fight inflammation… they help block the oxidative stress of aging… and, more importantly, they can actually REPAIR the very DNA strands that fall apart as you get older.

Now THAT’S one heck of a benefit from a burger!

Of course, I’d eat ground beef every day if you let me, but some folks can only eat so much of it. If you want a little variety, there’s plenty of zinc in lamb. It’s in some seeds too, but who wants to eat like a bird?

I vote for eating more beef and lamb instead.

If you have a hard time getting zinc from diet alone, you might want to take a supplement. Just don’t take matters into your hands on this one, as this is a case where you could get too much of a good thing.

Speak to a doc who can check your zinc levels, find out where you stand and help figure out how much you need and the best way to get it.

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