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Women are being POISONED… by their cosmetics!

Lead isn’t just in old paint, and it’s not just a problem in the water in Flint.

Ladies, it could be hiding in your cosmetics!

The FDA just issued a bulletin warning that there’s lead turning up in some cosmetics, including skin creams and shampoos.

But incredibly, in the very same breath, they also claimed there’s nothing to worry about.

This is more government nonsense. Once again, they’re trying to protect a powerful industry instead of YOU.

If there were REALLY nothing to worry about, they wouldn’t bother with a warning – and they certainly wouldn’t be taking action to cut those levels, right?

Well, they DID issue a warning. And they ARE taking action to cut those levels, unveiling a new set of guidelines for manufacturers to follow.

They now want cosmetics to have 10 parts per million of lead or less, which matches the standard for what’s allowed in food.

I know you’re not eating the stuff in your cosmetics (at least I hope you’re not). But that’s not the only way it gets in your body.

Slather it on your skin, especially on the lips and around the eyes, and any lead in the cream can get sucked right into you body.

And once inside, ANY amount is dangerous.

Lead doesn’t go looking for the exit; it moves in!

Lead can hang out in your body for a very long time, so steady exposure to even very low levels can over time cause it to build up – and mental problems, memory loss, headaches, and joint pain can follow.

Even if your cosmetics are lead-free, they could be hiding more than a few other dirty secrets.

Some contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mimic hormones inside your body. Some contain cancer-causing agents. Some might even contain mercury, despite the fact that it’s banned!

Shows you just how much “FDA action” really means at the end of the day.

I know some gals can’t leave home without their makeup. A layer of cosmetics is as important to them as a layer of clothes.

And I’m certainly not going to tell you otherwise.

But be careful with this stuff. You get what you pay for, and if you’re buying your cosmetics in discount bins and dollar stores, you’re probably rubbing all kinds of nasty chemicals into your skin each day.

This doesn’t make name brands SAFE – a study last year found lead in popular lipsticks – but it DOES make them easier to look into than some no-name brand from a discount store.

There are even some online cosmetic databases that track brands and products, tell you what’s in them and even spell out what the TRUE risks are.

Search Google and you’ll be able to get started.

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