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What’s happening to your immune system right now

With the recent holidays fading to just a memory, now’s the time you REALLY better watch out.

Because right now… at this very moment… your immune system is starting to sputter out.

See, as you plan for big events and enjoy holidays, your immune system gets stronger than Rocky Marciano. Especially when you take vacations, it’s able to knock most nasty old germs down for the count.

One study published just before the holiday season found folks who enjoy a trip – even a six-day visit to see the grandkids at Christmas – can actually alter your genes, boosting your body’s ability to handle stress AND adding extra power to your immune system.

It can even slash levels of the proteins linked to heart problems and dementia!

The benefits can last for up to a month, which sounds great until you look at the calendar and see that it’s already mid-January.

Time is RUNNING OUT. The holidays are over, vacations are done, and we’re slouching back to our routines.

And that means your immune system is returning to normal.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong time of year for “normal,” since January is prime cold and flu season in many parts of the globe – and just as you’re coming down from your holiday high, you could fall into to depths of a nasty, lingering illness.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered, my friend.

We can’t all kick back on a beach vacation 365 days a year (although it certainly would be nice). But we CAN make the immune system THINK it’s at the beach by getting a little extra sun, along with taking a vitamin D3 supplement.

Studies show the sunshine vitamin is up to 800 percent more effective than the flu shot, and it can cut the risk of the common cold to boot.

Not bad, right? Make it better: Vitamin C and fish oil can give your tired, overworked immune system the extra push it needs to make it over the finish line.

Obviously, if you’re unlucky enough to sit next to some jerk sneezing out cold or flu germs all over the place, you can still get sick. You don’t need a stronger immune system for dealing with those folks – you need a moonsuit!

If you happen to get sick anyway, cook up grandma’s favorite cure: chicken soup!

This stuff isn’t folk medicine. It’s REAL medicine, packed with an amino acid called carnosine, which can fight colds and flu in the earliest stages and help make sure you get better faster.

There are still more than two months of winter left. Make sure you’re healthy for them so you can hit the ground running when the snow melts.

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