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How to get the best care AND save money

You’re being conned, my friend.

Mainstream medicine is trying to take you for every penny you have – and if you don’t watch out, they’ll get it, too!

Follow their guidelines and treatments, and you’ll go broke faster than a weekend trip to Vegas, as staggering new numbers show Americans shelling out more money than ever before for common conditions.

Diabetes? That’s now costing us $101.4 billion! Heart disease? That’s setting us back $88.1 billion.

And number THREE on the list will bowl you over – because we now spend $87.6 billion on back and neck pain.

Yes, we spend almost as much cash on back and neck pain as we do on heart disease!

Sure, most of that money is coming out of your insurance or Medicare. But those are coming out of your premiums, so you’re paying for it either way.

The biggest chunk of the pie, of course, is medication.

Nearly 60 percent of diabetes spending is on drugs – and those costs are rising rapidly at 5.6 percent per year, as pricey new meds get forced through approvals.

Seems like if you live long enough, Big Pharma will eventually have ALL your dough!

It’s time to take yourself out of this endless cycle before you find yourself just as sick, weak and in pain as before… but with an empty wallet to add to your troubles.

And there are three easy ways you can do just that.

    1. ALWAYS question a doc who wants to put you on a pricey new drug – especially if you already have something that works, and ESPECIALLY if that something is a tried-and-true natural remedy.

    2. DON’T forget the basics. Back pain might be an $87.6 billion industry, but you can often ease everyday back and neck pain for FREE with a hot pack or heat wrap. It’s so simple… yet many folks never even give it a shot!

    3. NEVER accept a lifetime prescription for anything, unless you have a condition that needs constant medical attention (and even then, check around for other options). If you’re on any meds long-term, routinely ask your doc why you’re still taking it or if you can quit.

Better yet, once or twice a year do a “brown bag checkup” with a pharmacist who specializes in going over medications… looking for drugs that may be duplicates… drugs that don’t play nice together… or “temporary” drugs that somehow became permanent, even though you don’t actually need them anymore.

It’ll cost you around $20, but it’s worth every penny – and it might even save you cash if it turns out you can ditch some of your drugs.

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