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Breast cancer patients scammed by slimy docs

It’s a new year, but cancer docs are pulling the same old scam: using FEAR to con women into aggressive treatments they don’t even need.

New research shows that women with early-stage tumors – cancers unlikely to hurt them, let alone kill them – are opting not just to have the entire breast removed.

They’re having BOTH breasts removed, even if one of them has no sign of the disease at all and almost no risk of getting it!

The new study looked entirely at women with early-stage tumors in just one breast. The rate of double mastectomy here should be ZERO (or darned close to it), as even mainstream guidelines are against it.

Yet ONE in SIX women are having both breasts removed anyway.

The researchers of course won’t blame unethical doctors.

They’re blaming the PATIENTS, saying it’s “difficult to absorb” the information and that some women “failed to hear” the doctor’s advice as a result.


What the study really proves is that women are hearing their docs just fine. Nearly 40 percent said their docs told them right up front that the double mastectomy would do nothing for them.

Those are the good ones, and the women for the most part got the message: Only 2 percent of them had a double mastectomy.

But 47 percent didn’t get that advice from their doctors.

They got a shrug!

Those money-grubbing quacks were playing dumb or in some cases flat-out lying in order to score another job.

These crooks KNOW the risks are low. They KNOW the guidelines. Yet they wouldn’t commit either way when talking about it with their patients, pretending that this is some kind of great unknown.

So, what do women do? They panic, of course, because that makes it sound like not getting the double mastectomy now could turn out to be a death sentence later on.

As a result, 19 percent of women who got no solid advice one way or another from their docs ended up having double mastectomies.

So, ladies, let me give you what these shady doctors won’t, and that’s the God’s honest truth about early-stage cancer in one breast: Unless you’ve got the mutation that causes your risk to shoot up, a double mastectomy will do zip to save your life. (Even if you do have that gene, you may have other options).

Heck, if you’ve got the notoriously over-treated “stage zero breast cancer,” you may not need any treatment at all!

The lesson here? Get a second opinion – and even a third one – and ideally, make sure one of those voices is a naturopathic medical doctor with experience in cancer care.

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