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The TRUE cause of hearing loss… and how to fix it

You do what you can to listen to your doctor. You hear him out, follow his advice, and eat a diet loaded with throat-scratching leaves like kale.

And what do you get from it? HEARING LOSS!

On the plus side, you won’t have to listen to him any longer.

Better yet, tune him out now before it reaches that point, because new research shows how a diet low in meats and rich in bunny chow can leave you deaf as a post.

The key is in iron, a mineral many of us lose when we drop delicious beef, lamb, and pork and start saying things like, “I think I’ll just have a salad.”

As our iron levels fall, it’s as if the volume of the world gets turned down with it.

And if you’re among the three million Americans quietly suffering from iron deficiency anemia, you could suffer serious hearing loss.

That’s the most common form of anemia by far, one that often hits older folks especially hard. The cause is just what the name implies: low iron levels.

That’s it. It’s easy enough to fix, but because most folks who have it are never tested, it often goes undiagnosed… sometimes for years at a time.

And if you’re quietly suffering from this condition yourself (whether you know it or not) your risk of “combined” hearing loss is 2.4 times higher.

That’s a form of hearing loss that has several causes.

Your risk of another form of hearing loss, the sensorineural kind marked by inner-ear damage or a missed signal between the ear and brain, jumps by 1.8 times, according to the study.

The big shame here is that no one has to suffer this form of anemia, hearing loss or, anything else that comes along for the ride – including fatigue and dizziness – because it’s so darned simple to “iron out” this problem.

Just get more iron!

DON’T take iron supplements unless a doc tells you to, since too much can be as bad as too little.

But DO make sure you enjoy some iron-rich foods every day, because they include your favorites – including foods the nitwit “health nuts” will tell you not to eat.

Kidney beans are a great source of iron, but who wants to eat kidney beans? You want beef! For maximum iron, get the grass-fed stuff. It’s got 2 mg of iron per serving.

You’ll find a similar amount in lamb, and if you want a real treat, have some oysters. They’re absolutely LOADED with the stuff.

And if your doc tells you to munch on kale instead… pretend you can’t hear him!

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