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The SECRET mineral that could save your life

The New Year is barely a week old, and I’m already sick to death of the clueless media reports on the “hot” new health trends.

You want a hot new health trend? Ignore ALL of the hot new health trends!

Stick to the tried-and-true instead. Get back to basics — and when it comes down to it, NOTHING is more basic than magnesium.

You need this stuff for more than 300 essential functions in the body, but odds are, you’re not getting nearly enough.

Now, the latest research shows what happens when you bump your intake even just a little bit.

You get a longer, healthier life!

Folks with the highest levels of magnesium have a 10 percent lower risk of heart disease, are 12 percent less likely to get hit with a stroke, and are even 26 percent less likely to develop diabetes.

That’s three of today’s leading killers… WIPED OUT by a single nutrient.

There’s not a “hot new health trend” in the world that can make that promise, my friend.

And while trendy health fads are always loaded with gross foods and painful exercise, boosting your magnesium intake is practically effortless.

It doesn’t take much to see big-time results, either.

The new review of 40 studies from nine countries finds the magic number is 100.

Boost your intake by just 100 mg per day, and your risk of every major killer will plunge.

Your risk of heart failure will drop by 22 percent, and your chances of suffering a stroke will fall by 7 percent. You’ll also be nearly 20 percent less likely to get diabetes, assuming you’ve managed to avoid the disease so far.

And to cap it all off, your risk of an early death from ANYTHING will drop by 10 percent, according to the study in the journal BMC Medicine.

The study didn’t look at the other benefits, but we know that magnesium can also give you stronger bone, prevent headaches, and help you sleep better.

One of the absolute best sources of magnesium is pumpkin seeds — so while autumn is over, feel free to munch on them all year long. Unlike sunflower seeds, you can eat them shell and all.

Just a quarter cup of them contains nearly 200 mg of magnesium!

But not everyone wants to snack like a bird — and even if you did, there’s no guarantee you’d get all the magnesium you need every day unless you were carefully measuring out seeds.

So, take a supplement. Watch out for the cheap stuff, which isn’t absorbed well and can have you running for the toilet.

Look for a chelated form instead.

It may not be a flashy new health trend — but it WORKS.

With the only trend you need,
Jack Harrison

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