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Seniors could get BOOTED from the ICU!

Watch out, folks.

The tightwads are at it again – and now, these cheapskates are trying to deny you basic care when you need it most.

And this bit of penny-pinching could not only hurt you… it could KILL you!

Mainstream researchers now claim that half of all ICU patients don’t need to be in there.

They say it’s a waste of time… and more importantly (to them) it’s a huge waste of money.

Can you believe these skinflints? Life support, continuous monitoring, and critical care when you’re in desperate need of it apparently just cost too darned much!

They claim that nearly 30 percent of the folks in the ICU are about to die anyway.

Of course, we ALL know folks who were in the hospital and almost didn’t make it out – but somehow, whether by miracle or medicine, they rallied and recovered.

It’s a safe bet that at least some of those folks wouldn’t be with us if they got booted out of the ICU because they were going to die “anyway,” which is the logical conclusion of this awful study.

And the nonsense doesn’t end there.

Another 25 percent are supposedly “too well” to be in the ICU. Sure, they need close care – but they don’t need the level of care they get in the ICU, according to these researchers.

So once again, it’s implied that sick patients – some of them no doubt facing life-or-death illnesses – should get the boot out of the ICU and into another unit.

Now, I’m sure there are folks in every ICU who don’t belong there, and I’m the last person in the world to push for extra care and treatment when you don’t need it.

But if you’re even a borderline case for the ICU, there’s no time to mess around – and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather play it safe than end up sorry.

If you’re in need of ICU care, you’re probably in no condition to speak up about it, defend yourself, and demand the treatment you need.

You may not even be able to speak at all!

That’s why the time to talk about it is NOW.

Every year or so, get the family together for a meeting to go over the plans for what to do when someone ends up in the hospital. Make sure everyone knows it’s time to pitch in and take turns so there’s always someone around to keep an eye on things.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease… so the whole point of these meetings is to make sure EVERYONE knows to squeak as much as possible when a member of the family is in the hospital.

Sticking up for you,

Jack Harrison

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