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Watch out for this type of pain

Watch out for this type of pain

You didn’t make it this far by being a sissy.

Today’s delicate little creampuffs cry for help for every little ache… but not you.

You learned to grit your teeth long ago – and today, you barely notice the kind of pain that can reduce those delicate snowflakes to tears.

That’s a GOOD thing most days. It stops you from being a whiner, and everyone hates a whiner. As a bonus, it keeps you off pain pills.

But it’s not ALWAYS good – because the latest research shows how a high tolerance for pain might mean you won’t even know when you’re having a heart attack!

They’re called “silent” heart attacks, but they’re never TRULY silent.

Most of them kick you in the pants one way or another. Whether or not it’ll get your attention is another story, as the new study shows all too well.

The study of more than 4,800 adults finds that 8 percent had evidence of a “silent” heart attack… but only 5 percent had ever been diagnosed with one.

That means nearly 40 percent had heart attacks so silent they never knew about it until they were scanned for this study!

The folks in the study were also given pain tests.

Sure enough, the ones with the highest tolerance also had the highest risk of a silent heart attack. These folks may have felt some of the very same warning signs as everyone else, but were able to blow it off a little more easily.

Back pain? Walk it off! Chest or abdomen pain? I’ve had worse! Sudden nausea? Something I ate! Swollen legs? It’ll go down on its own!

Struggling to breathe? It’ll pass!

It’s not like in the movies where you grab your chest and call for help – ANY of those symptoms could be a sign of a heart attack. And even if the attack is “silent,” and the pain fades, it can leave REAL and LASTING damage behind.

That includes the kind of damage that can ultimately set the stage another heart problem down the road – and the next one might not be so silent.

It could be DEADLY!

Ladies, you need to pay closer attention here. While men are more likely to have a heart attack, women are more likely to ignore them – and gals are ESPECIALLY likely to brush off the warning signs when they’re more tolerant to pain.

So, remember: Pain isn’t always worth ignoring, and sometimes it’s a cry from your body for attention.

It’s not WHINING.

It’s trying to save your life – so pay attention, and don’t be too proud. If you even suspect that something’s wrong… GET HELP!


Explaining your pain,

Jack Harrison

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