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Turbocharge your immune system… for FREE!

The world’s most powerful immune-booster isn’t in a pill or injection.

It’s not under a microscope in some top-secret lab, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get it.

It’s available to everyone, everywhere, nearly every day with little effort and at the same price.


It’s the sun, my friend, and it’s time to make sure you get some every day ñ because the latest research shows how a little exposure can arm your body for battle against today’s leading killer diseases.

The key is in blue light.

I know what you’re thinking: “This guy’s nuts! Every child knows the sun is yellow.”

Sure, it looks yellow… but its light is made of every color, and its blue wavelengths are the ones that bounce around the atmosphere all day.

The new study shows how those blue rays do more than answer children’s questions about the color of the sky. They cause an incredible change in your body the very moment they hit your skin.

They trigger a reaction inside your T-cells, causing them to crank out hydrogen peroxide.

That, in turn, powers the T-cells, giving them more energy so they can move faster.

Now, we already know sun gets the body to produce critical vitamin D. And we also know that vitamin D is like rocket fuel for your immune system.

But this one has NOTHING to do with vitamin D!

This is a brand-new benefit that’s completely separate. And while vitamin D is fantastic, this T-cell boost might be even better.

Those cells are your foot soldiers in the battle against infection and disease.

When they get that burst of hydrogen peroxide, they get amped up. They’re locked, loaded, and ready for battle… transforming into an elite Special Forces team.

They’re downright unstoppable.

Without sun, on the other hand, they could go soft on you. They could get weak, lazy, and slow ñ and if you face a fight with an infection or disease, the battle could be over before it even starts.

And you’re going to be on the losing team.

Obviously, you want some sun exposure each day. You want it for the immune boost, the vitamin D, and the fact that it causes your body to pump out the nitric oxide that keeps your arteries open.

But the team behind the new study went a step farther.

While this is cutting-edge stuff that needs more study, they said the effects they discovered are so powerful that anyone fighting disease or suffering poor immune function should consider blue-light therapy.

Light devices are available online and from medical supply shops. Just be sure to get a real therapeutic light and not a useless blue-colored light.

Your doc can point you in the right direction.

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