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STOP this deadly form of cancer

The holidays are over… and now, we’re headed into the winter doldrums.

The days are short, the nights are cold, and your snowplow is about to get plenty of action.

On the plus side, it’s the ONE time of year the nags shut up about the sun. No 10,000-word reports on “choosing the best sunscreen” and no lectures about the supposed cancer risk.

But that’ll happen soon enough.

The days will get longer and warmer – and by May, some smarmy doc who looks barely old enough to drive will get on TV and warn everyone about “sun safety.”

Change the channel!

He’s not just wrong. He’s dishing out DEADLY advice, as new research proves more Americans are dying of skin cancer than ever before – despite the push to cover up and despite the widespread use of sunscreen.

Over the past six years, the rate of melanoma – the deadly form of skin cancer – has skyrocketed.

In 2009, the lifetime risk of this disease was one in 58.

By 2016, the rate was one in 54.

That may not sound like much of a change, but in a nation of 320 million people that adds up fast. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of new cancers in the coming years – and the numbers are even uglier when it comes to the detection of early-stage tumors.

In 2009, just one in 78 could expect to face those cancers, versus one in every 58 by 2016.

The mainstream might claim we’re getting better at finding the disease early, but if that were true, fewer people would be dying of the disease.

Instead, death jumped by nearly 20 percent!

In 2009, 8,650 Americans were killed by this disease, compared to 10,100 in 2016.

So, the REAL cause isn’t better detection. It’s simply MORE people getting the disease.

The researchers say that because of the growing rate of early-stage cancers, we can expect an even BIGGER jump in the death rate in the years to come.

The study doesn’t mention the cause of all these new cancers. It’s just a look at the numbers in the cold light of day.

But it doesn’t have to mention the cause. It’s obvious: The more we hide from the sun, the higher the rate of this disease grows.

It’s time to ignore the talking heads and clueless “experts” and get back out there. You don’t need sunscreen, just a little common sense: Get inside before you burn.

A little sun exposure will not only cut your risk of melanoma, it’ll also give your body an all-natural dose of bone-building vitamin D as well as a burst of heart-protecting nitric oxide.

And that’s not all it can do for you.

Later this week, I’m going to have a groundbreaking new study that shows the true power of a little sun exposure.

You’re not going to want to miss this one, so keep an eye on your inbox!

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