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What the fluoride in your water REALLY does to teeth

It’s one of the most basic assumptions nearly everyone makes: Fluoride in the water helps keep cavities away.

Even many of the folks who know the truth about fluoride – that it’s a toxic brain-melting metal – have been conned into thinking that at the very least, it can help protect the teeth.

Well, friend, the numbers are in… and they’re uglier than a mouthful of cavities.

Turns out fluoridated water makes NO DIFFERENCE at all!

The new analysis looked at 30 reviews of the evidence on fluoridated water published since 2002 and found absolutely nothing to back the practice.

That’s right. NOTHING.

So… it doesn’t give you better teeth, a brighter smile, OR an easier time in your dentist’s chair.

But fluoride WILL do a few other things to you. It can rot your brain and crack your bones – and it’s even been linked to cancer.

In fact, the new study in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry comes hot on the heels of an urgent new push to get the EPA to ban fluoridated water because of those dangers.

A petition sent to the agency signed by organizations such as the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology included more than 2,500 pages of scientific evidence against water fluoridation.

You know what mainstream dentists always say. What about the CHILDREN, right? They NEED it in the water to protect new teeth as they form.

They need it like they need a hole in the head!

Fluoride is literally making them DUMBER, cutting IQ levels in places with the highest levels in the water.

One study submitted with the petition finds that just 1.4 milligrams of fluoride per day – well below the EPA’s so-called “safe” limit – leads to a five-point drop in IQ in kids.

Fluoride can also attack your thyroid, leading to poor function and doubling your risk of hypothyroidism. That, in turn, can lead to low energy, weight gain, depression, and more.

All because of something dumped into your water ON PURPOSE!

You not only don’t NEED this stuff. You don’t WANT it… and you need to AVOID it.

The best way to do that is with a reverse osmosis filtration system, which can turn even the filthiest water loaded with fluoride, chlorine, drug residue, and traces of fuel into the purest stuff on Earth.

You can find a system in any decent hardware for a few hundred bucks. Just be sure to install it where the water enters your home to protect every tap.

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