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WARNING: Big Pharma’s breast cancer scam exposed

Happy New Year, my friend, and I hope 2017 brings you and yours good food, fine booze, and the best of health.

But while the year might be new, the drug industry is up to its same old dirty tricks.

And they’ve just been BUSTED for playing funny with some of the studies that matter most to the women in your life.

According to a new report, this low-down industry just spent nearly three decades stacking the decks by filling studies on breast cancer treatments with younger patients.

A full 83 percent of women in studies are under the age of 65!

This means the studies aren’t done with the kind of women most likely to get breast cancer and most likely to die of the disease.

They’re filled with younger patients, who are already healthier and have a much higher rate of survival no matter what treatment they get (or in some cases, even if they get no treatment at all).

Like most cancers, breast tumors love to slam older folks. Senior women with breast cancer are usually sicker, weaker, and much more likely to have cancers that spread.

If you’re a woman over 60, your odds of getting the disease are nearly two and a half times the risk of a typical 40-year-old. And if you’re north of 70, you have a 50 percent higher risk of the disease than a 50-year-old.

It’s not just getting the disease, either. It’s deadlier in seniors, too, with HALF of all breast cancer deaths in women over the age of 70.

In other words, the typical breast cancer patient is older. But because they’re also tougher to treat, the drug industry is booting them from the studies to make its shoddy treatments look better.

Just 17 percent of women in studies of breast cancer treatments are over 65; and HALF of them drop out before the study’s over, compared to just a third of younger women.

This new report doesn’t say why, but dropouts are usually the result of some combination of treatment not working, not working well, or causing horrific side effects.

That helps explain why a study published just last month found that nearly EVERY new cancer drug approved in recent years doesn’t extend lives, and doesn’t improve them.

Yet these are the treatments that’ll be pushed on you or your loved ones if cancer strikes.

It’s an absolute OUTRAGE, especially when there are proven ways to beat cancers, kill tumors, and even CURE the diseases without having to waste your time on these nonsense drugs or battle the side effects.

You won’t hear about them from a mainstream doc. Those hacks are too starry-eyed over Big Pharma studies – studies we now know aren’t worth a rat’s tail.

Visit an experienced naturopathic medical doctor instead.

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