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The SECRET risk of back pain

Back pain packs plenty of risks, starting with the fact that you feel downright miserable.

But you’d think there’s one risk you might not have to worry about so much.

If you’ve got serious pain in the back, you might find it hard to even stand, much less walk. So, you keep off your feet… and if you’re off your feet, you’re less likely to take a fall… right?


Guys, it turns out you have to worry about this one after all – because the latest research shows how men with back pain fall more often than drunks.

Older men with back pain, especially in the lower back, are 30 percent more likely to have multiple falls than guys who aren’t in agony.

But it’s not booze that’s causing those spills.

Heck, it’s not even the pain alone that’s leading to men getting an up-close look at the floor, even if it’s no doubt playing a role.

It’s MEDS!

When folks have pain, they take pain pills – and some of those meds can make you loopier than a roller coaster.

Try your luck enough on those meds, and that luck’s going to run out eventually.

A fall can aggravate your back, cause new pain and even lead to injuries – in some cases enough to cause permanent problems, disability, loss of independence, and even death.

The researchers behind the new study suggest making sure your home doesn’t have fall hazards, and that’s just common sense for anyone past a certain age whether you have back pain or not.

Make sure you don’t have any loose carpet… have the furniture moved if you find it’s tougher to maneuver around it than it used to be… and make sure you have solid handrails where you need them, especially on staircases and in the bathrooms.

But when you’re in pain, it’s just as important to avoid mind-bending meds as much as you can.

You don’t need those drugs anyway. What you REALLY need is a new approach to getting a grip on that pain.

Most back pain goes away on its own over time – but for help speeding that process along, treat yourself to a therapeutic massage. It not only feels good, it can cut pain and disability.

And if your on-again, off-again battle with life’s everyday aches seems more “on” than “off” these days, try some Soothanol X2 from my friends and colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals.

Just a drop or two rubbed into your trouble spots can cause pain to melt away in seconds, and you can learn more right here.

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