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Your doc will miss this hidden dementia warning sign

You reach a point where it feels like the warranty’s run out and everything’s breaking at once.

You can’t see or hear as well as you used to… your knees are creaking like an old barn door… and you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast this morning.

Compared to all the other problems you’re battling, both you and your doctor might dismiss a little too much protein in the urine.

You can’t see it, and you won’t feel it – and since it causes no symptoms, it’s easy to ignore.

Don’t ignore it, my friend, and don’t let your doctor blow it off, either.

That’s a cry from your body for help – your first, best, and sometimes ONLY chance to STOP serious problems BEFORE they start.

And new research shows that ignoring it could take a huge toll where you least expect it.

Turns out problems in your kidneys today could lead to disease in your BRAIN tomorrow!

Since nearly every senior loses at least a little kidney function over the years, docs often ignore little bumps in protein levels.

Heck, they EXPECT it.

But the new study shows why you need to pay attention early and take action if those levels rise, leading to what’s known as albuminuria.

Older folks with protein in the urine are 35 percent more likely to suffer serious cognitive problems, including dementia, than folks without that warning sign.

This was only one study, but we can’t blow it off the way your doc might try to ignore those slightly elevated protein levels, because we’ve seen this before.

A 2012 study found that as your kidney function declines, so does your mind – and you could struggle with just about all the functions you depend on for your day-to-day living.

That study linked kidney disease to problems with overall cognitive ability, reasoning skills, and verbal memory – and the worse the disease, the worse those problems.

A study in 2008 even found that chronic kidney disease can boost your risk of cognitive problems by 23 percent… but that if you catch it and take care of it early, the risk could drop again.

Catching it “early” means paying attention to the supposedly little problems your doc might ignore, like some protein in the urine.

Don’t let him pull that with you!

Those early stages, when the protein levels are just starting to rise, are your best shot at protecting your kidneys AND saving your mind at the same time.

And if you don’t act now, you might not get another shot at it later.

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