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Dementia turns deadly… but not because of the disease

There’s something we all fear as we get older – and it ain’t death.

No, my friend, you know the score on that. Once you pass a certain age, you don’t fear death anymore.

But there IS something far worse than death.

It’s losing your mind… your dignity… and your independence if you’re diagnosed with dementia and sent into a “care” facility!

Odds are, you know someone who’s had to make the sad final journey from his own home into a nursing home, and you’ve spotted how quickly they go downhill from there.

Next thing you know, you’re getting out the black suit for yet another funeral.

The docs will tell you that’s just the swift toll of this devastating disease.

The docs are wrong – because as bad as the disease is, new research spots the REAL reason so many seniors with dementia drop dead after entering a “care” facility.

It’s not the disease.

It’s the meds!

The antipsychotic drugs often given to Alzheimer’s patients – usually in nursing homes – will up the risk of death by a stunning 60 percent.

Think that’s bad?

This gets worse – a LOT worse – because many patients aren’t give just a single drug.

They get put on TWO of these brain-scrambling meds, and that double dose of drugs turns out to be a double dose of doom: It DOUBLES the risk of dying, according to the new study of nearly 60,000 Alzheimer’s patients.

What makes this so shocking is just how wildly irresponsible it is, because even mainstream guidelines say these drugs shouldn’t be given willy-nilly to Alzheimer’s patients.

They’re supposed to be used rarely – and even then, only with the folks who are toughest to control and possibly violent because of the condition.

Instead, they’re given out like party favors, making all the patients docile, compliant, and easier to control.

That allows the facilities to be run with fewer staff and fewer nurses, saving THEM money… but costing patients their lives.

The crooks who run these joints don’t care; most of them have a waiting list to get in, so no bed will never be empty for long.

But you and your loved ones deserve better.

If you have a friend or family member in a care facility for dementia and they seem to be falling apart faster than ever, don’t assume it’s the disease.

Find out what meds they’re on and why – and if you don’t hear an answer you like, DEMAND better.

And if the day comes when it’s your turn to be in that bed, hope your own loved ones will do the same for you.

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