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Your Christmas present to Big Pharma

Merry Christmas, my friend! It’s day to share with your loved ones and celebrate both faith and family.

Of course, it’s also a day to exchange some presents, too.

And odds are, you’ve been giving out some very generous gifts all year… without even realizing it.

Stunning new numbers show how merry Big Pharma’s Christmas actually is – because you’ve been shelling out more money for your meds than ever before.

The prices of today’s most common name-brand drugs – especially the pills taken every day by millions of American seniors – are absolutely skyrocketing.

They’ve more than TRIPLED in recent years!

The one plus side of our crummy economy is supposed to be low inflation. And if you believe the official numbers, it’s at rock-bottom right now, with a barely measurable 0.1 percent for 2015.

That means the prices of your meds should be pretty much the same as they’ve always been.

Heck, you’d think those Big Pharma fat cats would help struggling seniors out for a change and drop the rates – because with the massive markups on meds, they could slash the prices and STILL make a fortune.


They’re jacking up the rates as high as they can, with prices rising more than 130 times the rate of inflation.

That’s highway robbery, and you’re the one being robbed.

They’ve been pulling this sick stunt for years. Back in 2006, the average name-brand drug cost $1,800 per year, which is already far too much for seniors struggling on a fixed income.

By last year, the average prescription jumped to more than $5,800.

With the typical senior taking 4.5 meds, that adds up to an anything-but-average annual cost of up to $26,000.

Sure, Medicare pays the bulk of that for most folks. But you know the score. Each time the prices rise, the copays jump, too – and sometimes, they tack on extra fees or even flat-out refuse to cover certain meds.

With insurance rates, copays, and deductibles ALL rising at absurd rates, pretty soon you won’t have any money for food.

That’s crazy, and I’m not going to let it happen to you.

There’s a simple solution here. It’ll involve a few pennies out of your pocket today, but it’ll save you big dollars in the years ahead – and that’s to make an appointment to see an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

He can look over your prescriptions and help you figure out which ones you and – more importantly – which ones you don’t.

In some cases, pricey meds can be replaced with natural therapies that are a fraction of the cost.

Now that sounds like a worthy goal for 2017!

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