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Your meds could be a REAL headache!

There’s one thing less welcome than an uninvited visit from the in-laws on Christmas Eve… and that’s an uninvited visit from a migraine any time of the year.

If you suffer from these life-ruining headaches, you know they can get worse over time.

Maybe they hit you more often. Maybe they hit less often, but hurt more.

Or maybe you’ve got the worst of both worlds, with more frequent headaches that hurt more than ever.

Well, friend, if you’re in that boat, the problem may not be the migraines themselves.

It’s the meds used to treat them!

New research exposes the ugly truth about the painkillers migraine patients turn to most often, showing how they can cause the very PAIN they’re supposed to KILL.

These drugs run right across the spectrum, from the over-the-counter stuff — including common meds that have “MIGRAINE!” right in the name — to powerful prescription drugs.

The new study finds that folks who take analgesics — a category that includes the most common over-the-counter drugs such as NSAIDs — have a higher risk of skull-rattling “overuse” headaches.

Think prescription meds are any better?

Think again!

The opioid painkillers too many docs give for migraines today could also leave you doubled over from a “bonus” headache tomorrow.

Adding injury to insult, studies show that for all the extra risks opioids pack — including addiction and DEATH — they’re not even all that good for migraine relief!

Naturally, there’s a lot of handwringing now over which med is better and which one is less likely to cause an overuse headache.

You’ll give yourself another migraine trying to sort it all out… so don’t even bother.

There’s a simpler solution for headaches that doesn’t involve hunting for the “right” drug with “less” risk — because you don’t have to face any risk at all.

If you’re plagued by migraines, all you really need to do is look at things in a new light.

No, I’m not turning into a New Age hippie on you.

I mean that literally — because color therapy has proven to be one the most effective cures for migraine out there.

Specifically, a pair of specially tinted lenses can reduce the risk of headaches and cut pain levels by as much as 70 percent… all without any “rebound” effect.

The specific tint is called FL-41 and it looks like a purplish-red color. Any eye doc can have a pair of glasses made in this color, or you can search online.

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