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One in 4 seniors takes these brain-scrambling meds

It’s the biggest drug crisis facing the nation today – one that’s hurting millions and killing thousands.

And it’s NOT the one you’re thinking of!

As bad as the opioid crisis is, there’s another drug epidemic facing the nation today that’s BIGGER… BADDER… and could ultimately be DEADLIER.

But because this one hurts seniors the most, it’s getting swept under the rug!

Well, friend, today I’m going to yank that rug and expose the dirt they’re hiding beneath – because I’ve got eye-popping new numbers that show how docs across the country are quietly feeding this silent and deadly epidemic.

According to a new survey, one out of every four seniors is taking psychiatric meds, including antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-anxiety meds, and sleep aids.

That adds up to nearly 12 million older folks – and since this was a survey, odds are that number is just the tip of a big, ugly iceberg.

No doubt, many more take the meds but won’t admit it.

This is downright unacceptable.

Except for the sleep problems, the rate of psychiatric disorders in older folks is actually way LOWER than in younger adults.

They should be using the drugs LESS.

Instead, the new numbers show seniors are about 50 percent MORE LIKELY to be taking psychiatric drugs than everyone else.

In other words, docs are using these things as shut-up pills.

If you’ve got a little bit of a mood or sleep problem… or have a little anxiety, which is perfectly understandable given that seniors often have to deal with loss and change… he won’t give you some tips on how to get through it.

He’ll give you meds so you shut up and go home!

If you’re a little anxious, maybe now that the nest is empty, he’ll pump you full of Xanax. A little blue, maybe because a neighbor’s passed or your spouse is in the hospital, he’ll feed you an antidepressant.

Can’t sleep? Then it’s a “sleep aid” for you.

But ALL of these drugs pack serious risks, and they get WORSE as you get older.

Psychiatric meds have quietly become a leading cause of falls in seniors, doubling the risk of suffering from three or more falls in a single year.

They can also scramble your gray matter like a smoothie, setting the stage for memory loss and dementia. And sleep meds in particular can increase your risk of DEATH – some of them by more than 500 percent!

Try to stop taking these drugs, and you’ll find they pack one last risk: Many of them are addictive, too.

But just like those painkillers are almost never the best option for pain, almost ALL of the conditions treated by these meds have better, safer answers.

A mainstream hack won’t give you those natural solutions… but a naturopathic doc will.

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