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Don’t go cheap on this part of your body

It’s a classic case of pennywise, pound-foolish.

I know some folks who save a few bucks by skipping on dental insurance.

They figure they’ll just brush and floss carefully, pay up-front for a checkup and cleaning, and then pocket the savings.


New research shows what REALLY happens, and you might already know it all too well yourself.

Folks rarely floss, barely brush, and NEVER see the dentist unless something hurts – and even then, you might avoid it until the pain is so bad you’re in tears or the tooth is giving up and trying to wiggle out on its own.

Nearly 60 percent of seniors without dental insurance never get around to making that dental appointment, and it’s not all because of money.

Seniors across ALL financial groups don’t see a dentist, with more than a quarter of the wealthiest flat-out refusing to go.

You’d think that at least seniors WITH dental insurance would go. You’re paying for it, so you may as well use it, right?


One in five seniors with insurance won’t get dental exams, according to the new study.

I’m not here to say whether you need insurance or not (although it certainly comes in handy if things go south in your mouth). But I absolutely AM here to tell you this is one area where you don’t want to skimp – because there’s a direct link between clean teeth and a healthy heart.

It’s so direct – and so clear – that seniors who refuse to visit the dentist are literally DYING because of it!

Your mouth is like a living petri dish. It’s warm, it’s wet, and it has plenty of food for germs to nibble on. And if you’ve got holes in your teeth or bleeding gums, those same little monsters have a ticket for a free express trip right into your body.

Those germs could give you pneumonia… increase your risk of heart attack or stroke… crawl up in your brain and cause the damage linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease… and more.

Some of those germs in your mouth can even help tumors to grow if they get inside your body.

So, do yourself a favor.

With or without insurance, make sure you climb into your dentist’s chair at least once or ideally twice a year, even if everything feels fine.

And to make sure those appointments are quick and painless, take care of your teeth the natural way: Mix 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to form your own paste, and work the blend into your teeth and gums.

Rinse with the peroxide – and don’t forget to floss – and you’ll have the cleanest teeth and brightest smile in town.

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