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Docs mock seniors who seek sex help

Sorry, Gramps – you’re too old to do that!

That would tick me off no matter WHO said it. But coming from a doctor? I’d give him a piece of my mind… and I’d have to restrain myself from delivering a piece of my foot along with it.

But that’s how older folks are insulted EVERY DAY by so-called medical professionals, including snotty doctors half your age who’ll barely give you the time of day.

And new research shows how seniors are suffering from one of their most intimate problems because of this arrogance.

They’re older… and they want to continue to have sex… but their doctors won’t take them seriously when they ask for a little help lighting those bedroom fires.

They think it’s some kind of joke, and as a result, the new study finds seniors are struggling to get the help they need with sex problems.

And that’s assuming they even have the courage to ask in the first place.

The new study shows why many don’t even bother: Docs practically laugh them right out of the office, which is why folks between the ages of 50 and 90 now face anxiety when talking to doctors about the issues.

One 80-year-old told the researchers what happened when he asked for some of those little blue pills.

They didn’t tell him he was too old. But they DID claim he wouldn’t able to afford the med, which sounds like a lame excuse to me. If you need HELP, you should darn well get it.

This isn’t some minor issue, and it’s certainly no joke. This is a big-time part of your overall quality of life – not to mention a key part of your intimacy with your spouse.

So, I don’t care how old you are. If you and your spouse still have “the fever” for each other, first of all, congratulations.

Second, in many cases you can take matters into your own hands here. There’s a reason shellfish like oysters are nature’s best aphrodisiac: Their zinc content can put lead in a man’s pencil and even keep her from drying out down there, so it’s all pleasure and no pain.

Just don’t go crazy; too much zinc is as bad as too little. Your best bet is to get tested to see if you have enough of the mineral first, and take a supplement only if your doc recommends it.

And third, don’t let some smart-mouthed young doctor talk down to you on this or any other issue.

If he won’t help you, fire his rear end and get a doc who respects seniors. I suggest an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

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