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The best diet advice you’ll ever get

In the coming weeks, you’ll be slammed with a truckload of bad diet advice – gimmicks and fads bound to fail, just like all the other New Year diets that have come and gone.

But there’s one that’s been backed by science and tested by time.

If you’re ready to finally succeed at a diet… if you want to LOSE weight, KEEP it off and IMPROVE your health… there’s really just one diet for you.

And that’s the high-fat, low-carb diet.

Now, the latest research proves once again that the most demonized fats of all – the saturated fats you’ve been URGED to avoid at every turn – are downright GOOD for you!

I don’t care if there’s a foot of snow on the ground where you are, this sounds to me like the perfect excuse to fire up the grill for a winter feast with all your favorites.

I’m talking about juicy steaks… thick pork chops… and chicken thighs WITH the crispy skins still on them.

They’re all back, my friend, and they’re back in a big way – because the new study out of Norway finds obese men put on a high-fat diet see almost miraculous changes in their risk of heart problems.

This wasn’t just any ol’ high-fat diet, either.

HALF of their fats were saturated.

By mainstream standards, these guys should’ve dropped dead!

Instead, they absolutely TROUNCED a group of high-carb dieters, beating them by nearly every major measure of cardiac health.

The more fat they ate, the LOWER their levels of dangerous triglycerides – and the men who ate the most saturated fat had big gains in their levels of HDL “good” cholesterol.

They also saw drops in blood pressure and improvements in both insulin and blood sugar levels.

They even had lower levels of ectopic fat storage, which might sound like some kind of weird tank but it’s actually the reserves of deadly fat that crowd into your heart and liver.

The more you store… the more you’ll struggle with basic functions such as blood sugar control… and the more likely you’ll face metabolic syndrome.

But you can KILL off this deadly fat, simply by eating more of the fat you’ve been told will kill YOU.

How’s that for irony?

So forget all the gimmicky diet advice you’ll see, hear, and read about in the coming weeks – and don’t even bother shelling out big money to join a gym offering a “New Year’s Special.”

You know you’re not going to use it anyway, right?

But you WILL use that grill, especially now that you know it’s healthy. So, if you want to feel better than you’ve felt in years… if you want a resolution you can keep for a change… go back to basics.

Cut the carbs, and eat more fat instead!

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