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This diet is anything but sweet

People say they like sweet potatoes, but that’s not exactly true.

They “like” sweet potatoes… but only when they’re drowned in butter or buried under a thick layer of sugar and marshmallows.

By itself, eating a sweet potato is like eating wood pulp, but without the rustic charm.

But if you think the dry chunk of fiber of a plain old sweet potato is bad, I’ve got something even worse – so you’ll no doubt see it become the next big diet trend any day now.

It’s sweet potato water.

You read that right. Sweet potato WATER.

No, you’re not running the sweet potato through a juicer (they’re so dry not much would come out anyway).

You’re supposed to boil the sweet potato. Then, you toss the potato – but slurp up the water!


Don’t check your calendar. It’s not April 1 and this isn’t a gag… although certainly, the very thought of drinking “sweet potato water” is enough to make ME gag.

If there’s anything worse than a sweet potato, it’s the leftover water from cooking it – but apparently, this wastewater contains a bunch of proteins called sweet potato peptide proteins, or SPP for short.

This peptide might play some role in helping the body to digest fat a little more efficiently.

In experiments on rats, rodents given high concentrations of those SPPs lost more weight and had less fat around the liver than the critters given low levels or none at all.

They also had lower levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and two hormones related to obesity.

But who cares? They’re drinking leftover sweet potato water, for crying out loud!

That’s not fit for man OR mouse!

The researchers are planning to test it on humans next, and I already feel bad for the poor saps who’ll be forced to down this stuff in the name of science.

There are sacrifices no human should ever have to make!

Don’t worry – there are much better ways to lose weight, and you don’t have to try to swallow any gross leftover potato water.

The latest research backs something much simpler… and it’s something you’re going to absolutely love.

I’ll have the full story on Wednesday of the cutting-edge science that backs what I hope will be the REAL diet trend for 2017 and beyond.

Keep an eye on your inbox. If you’ve been struggling to drop a few potatoes yourself over the years, you won’t want to miss this one!

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