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Here’s the REAL reason Americans are dying

Two big news items are making headlines this month, and NO ONE has put them together yet.

So… allow me.

The first one says average American cholesterol levels are finally reaching mainstream targets, down to their lowest levels in ages.

I’m sure doctors are out celebrating that one (probably with another round of golf).

But here’s a story they’re NOT celebrating, and it’s the latest numbers from the U.S. government: The average American life expectancy has DROPPED for the first time in decades.

Maybe we can get t-shirts made that say:

My Country Has Perfect Cholesterol…

And All I Got Was This Lousy Life Expectancy!

The mainstream is pretending there’s no link at all between lower cholesterol and shorter life expectancy.

C’mon. I’m not buying that – and I know you’re not, either.

They’ve been pushing the Great Cholesterol Myth for decades now, promising us longer and healthier lives… if only we would all bring cholesterol levels down.

And if you can’t bring them down on your own, take meds for it.

Well, now it’s happened. Those levels are down, and we’re not getting those longer and healthier lives as promised.

The reason is simple: You NEED the very cholesterol they’re trying to scare away!

Yes, even that “bad” cholesterol is essential – so the new report that finds both total levels and LDL levels dropping by 15 points isn’t worth celebrating.

If anything, you should be worried about it!

The other new numbers – the plunging life expectancy – show deaths are up across the board, with some of the biggest jumps in heart disease, Alzheimer’s and kidney disease.

Your doc will tell you cholesterol will make all those conditions worse.

You doc is wrong.

A 2009 study found TWO-THIRDS of patients hospitalized for heart attack had normal cholesterol, and HALF had “optimal” (a.k.a. picture-perfect) cholesterol.

If high cholesterol was such a big heart risk factor, how could that possibly be?

If you’re a kidney patient, HIGH cholesterol will cut your risk of death from the disease by 24 percent, according to a 2014 study.

Your brain needs cholesterol, too – and when your levels drop too low, it can’t make new neurotransmitters.

That leads to a brain foggier than London – and that’s why drugs that cut cholesterol can also cause memory loss.

The FDA has even warned of that risk!

Don’t wait for the next warning, my friend.

We’re in the home stretch for 2016, which means you’re about to get slammed with a lot of nonsensical diet advice about how to have a healthy New Year.

Feel free to tune it all out – because as the new studies show, if you follow those mainstream guidelines, you might not live to see 2018!

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