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The 8-cent cure for today’s deadliest diseases

My friend, can you spare 8 cents?

Of course you can. You can find 8 cents just by shifting the sofa cushions around (and maybe you’ll find your reading glasses, the remote control, and a missing sock, too).

So get in there and dig out that spare change – because if you have metabolic syndrome, 8 cents could be all it takes to stop yourself from slipping into a life of chronic disease.

That’s about how much a decent CoQ10 supplement will cost you per day (and if you’re a smart shopper, you can probably find it for less).

It’s worth every penny and then some, because new research shows how this potent little nutrient has the power to fight off the diabetes and heart disease that often follow metabolic syndrome the way thunder follows lightning.

Almost 50 million Americans have metabolic syndrome, and most of them don’t even know it.

You might be one of them, because you won’t feel a thing when it happens.

But if you’ve let your waistline get a little too big… if your blood sugar has been creeping up… if your “good cholesterol” levels drop and triglycerides rise… and your blood pressure jumps so much that it’s actually worth worrying about, then you’ve probably got it.

Technically, any THREE of those risk factors means you have metabolic syndrome and you’re now facing big-time risks.

That’s where CoQ10 comes in.

This stuff’s a powerhouse, and I mean it. It provides power inside your cells.

When you fall short, your cells try to operate without all the power they need – and you end up with the sluggish metabolism that marks metabolic syndrome.

But CoQ10 can bring them back to full power, giving the cells the energy they need to boost your metabolism.

In the new study, just 100 mg per day of CoQ10 energized the beta cells in the pancreas – the very cells responsible for cranking out insulin so your blood sugar remains under control.

These are the cells that suffer the most when you have metabolic syndrome. They slow down… you have less insulin… and eventually, you become insulin-resistant and diabetic.

But give those beta cells that CoQ10 power surge, and they can get back to work.

And that’s not all it can do. The study also finds other benefits, including improvements in insulin serum levels and lower levels of insulin resistance.

That’s not just power for your cells.

That’s power for YOU – the power to turn metabolic syndrome around and avoid the death sentence of diabetes and heart disease that usually follow.

And you can get it for about 8 cents a day.

I’d call that the best investment in your health you could possibly make!

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